We are a family business located in Lithuania. Our enterprise offers high-quality products for innovative and original interior solutions made of natural and artificial stone. To deliver outstanding results, we use the state of the art production techniques in Europe and with highly skilled staff, we can offer our clients the most sophisticated products and the latest trend-setting techniques.

We are proud of our Breton and Prussiani processing plants for natural and artificial stone, which are the most advanced and modern automatic plants on the market, allowing us to achieve high quality standards and at the same time shorten production times.

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Kitchen and islands countertops

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From selected stone granite, marble or cambria, we make kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Stone walls and floors

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We recommend choosing a natural or artificial stone for walls and floor finishing. We will cut the selected type of stone into slabs of different sizes. We provide delivery and installation services everywhere in Lithuania.

Sinks and bathroom countertops

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The top board and the sink are joined invisibly into one seamless object. There are no joining seams between the top and the sink - this is how the "casted sink" effect is achieved and top level of hygiene is ensured.

Interior details and coffee tables

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At our Marmo Arc internet shop you will find exclusive interior details and coffee tables of unique design.

Stone fireplaces

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We produce both classic and modern style fireplaces with decorative elements for individual order.


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We sell natural stone slabs from Scandinavia, India, Italy and other countries.

Stone paving

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We cut the selected stone into paving tiles of the desired thickness and size, which surface is treated in various ways. We enliven the stone pavement by making various carvings, cuts or embossments.


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For production of internal and external steps we recommend to choose natural or artificial stone. We finish the surface of outdoor steps in different ways: burn, sand, age.

Drinking water stations

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We make drinking water stations of natural stone for public and private spaces. The stone surface is finished in various ways: polished, aged, etc.

Sculptures and columns

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We produce large-sized sculptures of unique designs for public or private spaces. Greek or Roman style columns of exclusive design, including twisted ones, made of stone of your choice, with various architectural carving and decorations to your private order.

Products for construction projects

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For construction projects we can offer stone paving blocks, borders, tiles, mosaics and other products of different size, thickness and finishing.

Exterior and minor forms products

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We make benches, fountains, vases, garbage bins and other minor architecture forms of natural stone.



Plungės street 28, 90310, Rietavas, Lithuania
Company code: 304446056
VAT code: LT100010689411
Working hours: I – IV 8:00 – 17:00; V 8:00 - 15:45

Plungės gatvė 28, Rietavas, Lietuva