CAMBRIA: our commitment to sustainability

Cambria American-made and family-owned company, committed to the well-being of customers, team, community, and the environment. Company takes concrete steps in transportation, water usage, power generation, lighting design, tooling, and materials to help safeguard the land and its people for generations to come.


Quartz, a unique and precious resource. Cambria prides itself on transforming quartz into breathtaking surfaces for home interiors. To promote sustainability, Cambria’s quartz is mined at a company-owned mine. Quartz particles are extracted from crushed stone, not mined from the ground in blocks. Cambria mine quartz particles through crushed stone instead of extracting full slabs from the earth. Mining sites are backfilled and the land is restored after the quartz is extracted. 100% of the power used at mine is hydroelectric.

Transportation. Cambria use rail and minimize the use of trucks when transporting raw materials to warehouse.

Water. Cambria recycle 100% of water used for production which saves 1.6 billion gallons annually. On-site storm drainage pond provides water for the grounds of the processing facility.

Tooling. All diamond-metal tooling is refurbished and reused. Cambria refurbish and restore the tools for an additional 2,000 lineal feet and repeat this process up to seven times.

Quality Control. Cambria evaluate prework and invest in state-of-the-art technology to minimize slab rework. Heavely investition in quality control to produce the highest quality product.

Company has a crushing facility that processes any unused Cambria for reuse. Some of this material is reused for Cambria products. The remaining is repurposed for community road materials and construction needs.


Cambria is committed to sustainability and offers products with recycled content comprised of reused Cambria quartz slabs, pigments, and binders. The following Cambria products contain pre-consumer recycled content certified by SCS Global Services:

Brittanicca Block

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99% recycled content


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59% recycled content

Big Sur Mist

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28% recycled content

Sanibel Shoreline

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28% recycled content

Raw materials. The highest quality raw materials use in Cambria slabs, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Ingredient transparency. Cambria quartz participates in the Declare Program which indicates that company voluntarily disclose where products come from, what they are made of, and where they go at the end of their life. Cambria also proudly participates in the mindful MATERIALS library. This compiles product sustainability information to help industry professionals make informed purchase decisions.

Maintenance free & stain resistant. Cambria quartz surfaces are harder than granite and marble, making them less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for a lifetime of worry-free service.

A hygienic surface. Unlike other natural stone, Cambria is nonabsorbent, meaning it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria.

What you do every day indicates your deepest values. Our commitment to the environment shows in everything we do, from choosing eco-friendly shipping materials to watering our grounds from a drainage pond to taking care of our equipment to reusing our scrap.