What is new in the world of stones? Highlights from the world’s exhibitions

From 25 to 29 September, Italy hosted Marmomac and Cersaie, two of the world’s largest exhibitions of natural stone, ceramics, bathroom furnishings, and design solutions, where we were also present. We’ll tell you more about these exhibitions and the prominent trends presented this year.


Held annually in Verona and Bologna, Italy, these exhibitions bring together enthusiasts of interior design, ceramics, bathroom furniture, and stone from all over the world. The events showcase the year’s most important trends: raw materials and finished products, equipment and technologies for processing materials, and the use of stone and ceramic tiles in architecture and design. The exhibitions bring together competent professionals from all over the world (customers, distributors, contractors, manufacturers, architects, and interior designers). They also offer a wide range of professional training, meetings, seminars, and workshops. So, having seen the hottest news, here are the top trends that dominated this year’s exhibitions.


One of the dominant design trends is the use of travertine in finishes and its decorative details in interiors. Travertine is a type of limestone formed in hot mineral springs. It can be used as a complete unit or as a decorative element in interiors and exteriors. It is unique in its porous texture, natural grooves, and recesses that develop as the stone is exposed to environmental factors over time. Travertine is quarried worldwide, mainly in Italy, Mexico, Iran, Turkey, and Peru. As natural motifs and textures have captured the design world, this stone, with its distinctive hollows and porous surface, creates unique finishes and decorative elements for interiors. Shades inspired by nature are also in vogue this year, with green a particularly dominant colour in the interiors.


Using stone in furniture and interiors is another popular trend this year. Furniture and various interior elements are created by combining different materials, such as wood and metal, with natural stones, such as marble or granite. Natural stone has been around for centuries, but this year, designers are using the material in a very broad and contemporary way to create modern stone surfaces: polished, matt, and even with a leather effect. Using a variety of working techniques and imagination, unusual and exciting combinations of materials are being created in harmony with one another. So, you can be sure that you will soon see more interior and furniture design solutions with stylish marble, granite, or quartzite details.