Мы производим из камня эксклюзивные изделия, нестандартной величины, которые используются как в современном, так и в классическом интерьере и экстерьере.

Новейшее оборудование для обработки камня позволяет нам выполнить заказы различной сложности из гранита, мрамора или оникса. Согласно греческим, римским или другим рисункам, мы производим фонтаны, скамейки, лестницы и скульптуры, которые украшают общественные места или частные дома.


At «Marmo Arc», stone processing starts with the Breton Combi plant. The combination of the water jet and the saw, which works ideally for both small and large-scale production and especially for complex, precise work, allows us to produce the finest stone mosaics or the patterns you prefer.

Breton «Comet» plant is used for edging, corner milling and polishing. The exceptional capabilities of this plant allow us to offer you not only straight edging, but also 14 different profiles for processing stone edges.

For the final processing of the stone slabs, we use the «Contourbreton WINGER»; it is a 4-axis CNC contouring plant. This plant is capable of producing items of various shapes, widths, heights and unique geometries. We also mill and polish letters, logos, sinks, and hotplates.

Thanks to Prussiani multifunctional plant — «New champion plus 1800 CNC», we can produce large-size items from the stone of your choice: fountains, sculptures, columns, etc. The digital control, combined with CAD/CAM systems, enables us to handle a wide range of tasks such as drilling, contouring, milling and engraving.

Granite, marble blocks are cut using diamond wire into slabs of different thickness and size. Natural stone slabs are finished in different ways to get various surface finishings. The stone slabs are polished, ground, roughed using automated tools.


We offer our clients an extensive variety of artificial and natural stones. We import stones from America, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, and other countries. In our warehouses, we store about 2000 m2 of slabs. Before you make a final decision, we recommend visiting our warehouse (stone gallery) — here you can see our stone slabs for yourself. We will be glad to provide you with the professional assistance in the choice of stone and offer you the most suitable technical solution.

В нашей компании работают квалифицированные специалисты с глубокими знаниями в области обработки камня. Многолетний опыт позволяет оперативно работать с крупными заказами.